Reptaid (For animals under 250g) - Croydon ReptilesReptaid (For animals under 250g)

Reptaid (For animals under 250g)

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Reptaid is an all-natural product helping to prevent and overcome Viral, Bacterial and infections without the harmfulness of highly potent chemicals and medicines.

As some of you know issues such as worms and infections are coming within the world of reptile keeping and we believe that this product hugely aids with the prevention of these.

Some symptoms of infections are loss of appetite, hydration issues and internal damage. Reptaid offers an organic alternative to medicines and is a combination of herbs that are gentle to the animal’s internal system and is highly beneficial to the animal’s wellbeing.

This acts as a fight against Coccidia and other diseases that effect your animal’s health by acting as an Antibiotic to support your beloved animal.

Each purchase comes with full instructions, and a syringe to administer the product to ether the animal directly or there food.

Please note for any serious illnesses or should you suspect your animal is unwell we will always recommend a visit to your local reptile vet for professional advice. This product is a natural product and is to be used as a booster for your animal’s immune system.