Large Black Crickets (25-30mm) - Croydon ReptilesLarge Black Crickets (25-30mm)

Large Black Crickets (25-30mm)

Croydon Reptiles
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A hardy, cold-tolerant cricket, Black Crickets can grow to over 30mm in length!

Please note - All sizes and quantities are an estimate and we do our very best to size and count each order to meet your needs.

Black crickets are available in a variety of sizes to cater for reptiles of different weights and stages of development.

Black Cricket Size Chart (Estimated)

Sizes (MM) – Approximate

Hatchling   3mm

First (1st)  5mm

Second (2nd)   6-8mm

Third (3rd)  8-10mm

Fourth (4th)  12-18mm

Standard  18-25mm

Large  25-30mm

Care Information