Bearded Dragon Electrics Pack (Gold) - Croydon ReptilesBearded Dragon Electrics Pack (Gold)

Bearded Dragon Electrics Pack (Gold)

Croydon Reptiles
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Croydon Reptiles Bearded Dragon Electrics Pack

  • Heating
The Arcadia Basking Solar Spotlight range of heat lamps are available in 100 Watts. The lamps have a tight focused beam that will allow for intense heat provision. 
The Arcadia Ceramic Lamp Holder and Bracket Pro (RADCHP) is an easy to use and versatile lamp holder. 
  • Lighting
Arcadia Reptile ProT5 UV-B Kit 39w arrives complete with high quality electronics, a highly effective but removable reflector and a choice of High Output T5 UVB lamp.

  • Temperature Control
HabiStat Digital Dimming Thermostat Day/Night Timer, 600 Watt is suitable for most heaters and will provide a continual temperature rather than a hot/cold cycle.

  • Thermometer
Digital Max / Min Thermometer
Modern Digital Thermometer with maximum and minimum temperature reading capability through external sensor. Features attaching clip and suction cup and comes complete with batteries. Measurement range -50C - +70C Temperature accuracy +/- 2C