Exo Terra Dripper Plant (Large)

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Product Overview

The Exo Terra Dripping plant is ideal for reptiles such as Chameleons and Geckos. This plant gives a constant feed of water cycling the water from the base to the top allowing your animals to enjoy water anytime from the dripping leaves.

You will also find that this plant promotes drinking as some more fussy reptiles tend to drink from moving / cascading water sources as they would in the wild as suppose to bowls / still water setups.

Exo Terra Dripper Plant Large Product Summary:

  • Provides droplets as recognisable source of drinking water
  • Stimulates natural drinking behaviour
  • Ideal for arboreal reptiles like e.g. Chameleons
  • Realistic succulent and waxy leaves
  • Pump included


  1. Place pump inside a water reservoir, like an Exo Terra Water Dish Large or X-Large (A).
  2. Attach water-tube to Dripper Plant (B).
  3. Position Dripper Plant above water reservoir to prevent spilling (D).
  4. Attach water-tube with connector to pump (B).
  5. Dry hands, then connect plug to power source.
  6. Adjust dripping speed by turning valve (C).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review