HabiStat Leopard Gecko Accessory Kit

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Product Overview

Accessory Kit for Leopard Gecko

- Designed for use with any 3ft vivarium setup

- Includes all UV lighting and heating

- Easy to set up

Set Up & Keeper Guide Instructions are now included within the kit to guide you through the process of installation and caring for your Leopard Gecko.


Included within the kit:

HabiStat Dimming Thermostat

Arcadia Pro T5 UVB Kit, 7% UVB ShadeDweller, 8 Watt

Basking Spot Lamp, Screw, 100 Watt

Arcadia Clamp Lamp Holder Plus Bracket Pro

HabiStat Heater Guard

HabiStat Pure Calcium

HabiStat Repton

HabiStat Insecta Snack

HabiStat Plastic Hide

HabiStat Calcium Dish

Digital Compact Thermometer

HabiStat Round Plastic Water Bowl

HabiStat Coconut Cave x 2

HabiStat Bactericidal Cleaner

HabiStat Sphagnum Moss


(No reviews yet) Write a Review