Leopard Gecko Super Mack Snow Male 2019

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The Leopard Gecko Eublepharis macularius (also known as leos) is a nocturnal ground-dwelling gecko found in the rocky outcrops of Pakistan, Western India, Afghanistan and parts of Iran. Unlike most geckos it possesses eyelids. Leopard geckos are very  low maintenance and make an ideal starter lizard. They become active at twilight or before sunrise. Daylight hours are spent out of the heat of the sun in a burrow or under a rock. Adult Leopard geckos are about 6"-7" in length, including tail. Full size may be attained in about 18 months. An average adult weighs 45-60g and can weigh as much as 100G.



The vivarium Size measuring around 36x18 inches with a height of at least 18 inches. Never house 2 male Leo’s together once they are sexually mature, they are territorial and will fight for dominance, sometimes even to the point of serious injury and even death! There are many different substrates available on the market, a popular choice being sand. Please note that any sand provided with additional calcium may be eaten by your leo and can cause some life threatening damages. It is best to keep babies and the young on Kitchen roll, lino or tiles because of this.

You can Also use a Habistat Leopard Starter Kit to house you new leopard gecko.



Leopard Geckos are cold blooded and get their heat from there surroundings. They also need the correct temperatures in order to digest their food properly. Leo’s obtain the heat through their underside so the best way to provide this is with a heat mat, Or a heat bulb

The temperature on the floor where the geckos bask should read between 84-88F.We Recommend a  Night time drop to 68-72F Leo’s require a 7% UV  artificial lighting or UV.



Leopard Geckos are insectivorous meaning they only insects. including Locusts, crickets, Mealworms and Wax worms. Many breeders and owners feed their Leo’s a staple of mealworms appropriate to the gecko’s size, and give other prey once or twice a week. Leo’s are particularly fond of locusts / crickets as the way they move sets off their predatory instincts. Wax worms should only be given as an occasional treat as they are very fatty and can be addictive. Pinkies can also be given as a treat for those who accept them, as they are high in calcium, this is a good idea to use with breeding females who have recently laid to kick start the weight gain and replace the calcium used to produce eggs.





(No reviews yet) Write a Review