Morioworms (Zophobos morio) - 40g Pack

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Product Overview

Morioworms are approximately 40-50mm long. Most larger lizards love eating Morioworms either as a part of their staple diet or even as a treat.

General Care:

Upon delivery empty the worms into a smooth-sided container, remember as they can't climb you don’t need to place a lid on. Ensure they are kept at a regular temperature of around 40-45 F (8-12 C). You can place a slice of potato or carrot in the container to provide moisture.

Due to the nature of livefood, especially during certain weather conditions accidents can happen. We strive to ensure our high standards are met on each order, however, should you have any issues with your order once it arrives, please do not hesitate to contact us as and we can advise accordingly addressing any issues.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review