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About Us

Who are we?

Welcome to the Croydon Reptiles online store. A one stop shop for all your reptile products needs. We offer an extensive product range that offers everything from general reptile keeping accessories to specialist products for breeders and enthusiasts alike. Committed to customer satisfaction and high quality products, we pull out all the stops to ensure you are provided with what you need, at a great price and with a 5 star service.

Our background with reptiles started 20+ years ago simply by being reptile owners ourselves at home.It then became obvious that the hobby had become more than simply a few animals in our private collection and it was time to take things further. 

Our Ethos and Values

One thing that we believe is key amongst everything we do is providing the right customer care. From assisting you in choosing the right animal to purchasing the correct equipment. We want to give each and every customer a great journey that they deserve.

We are always happy to answer any questions you have, be this, online and we will endeavour to give you plain, honest and simple information and advice. We also understand that all our customers are at a different level within the hobby and therefore will try to meet each customers needs on an individual basis providing a jargon free service. One thing we pride ourselves on is providing answers and what you need, not simply selling customers the latest and greatest equipment.

Keeping up with the trends

We pride ourselves on keeping up with the times, offering you the latest products and care techniques. We understand more than anybody that within the hobby things change fast and as technology / research changes. We do our very best to keep our ears to the ground and bring these products and techniques to you. For the latest products you can check out our new products sections and likewise our care sheets for the very latest in animal care.