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Arcadia Earth Pro Turtle Gold

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Arcadia Earth Pro Turtle Gold is the 'Gold Standard' in Aquatic Turtle care. It is a natural and balanced pelleted food mix for all aquatic Turtles.

Formulated and made in the UK to the highest possible standard. This nutrient rich mix of pellets contains the correct balance of, Fish, Shrimp, 2 insect species, aquatic invertebrates, essential plant matter, snails, earthworms, vitamins, natural full spectrum minerals, essential oils/fats and a probiotic.

Arcadia Earth Pro Turtle Gold should be used alongside other plant and Live foods to offer fantastic nutrition, dietary variety and enrichment. Contains whole fish meal and algae well known to help provide vitamins A and E and should be used alongside a well appointed UVB source. A vast variety of ingredients are being included to ensure optimum health. For the first time Snails and Earthworms have been added into the mix to create a 'Gold Standard' in Aquatic Turtle care. These pellets have been designed to be both attractive and palatable and will sink over time to allow bottom feeders including Musk Turtles to feed in a natural way. In fact, some will sink and then form a 'must' that will be pulled into the mouth, yet another wilding feeding technique.