ELECTRICS PACK (GOLD) Leopard Gecko Thermostat Digital Heat Buld ProT5 Kits Ceramic Lamp Holder

Leopard Gecko Electrics Pack (Gold)

Croydon Reptiles
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  •  Arcadia Pro Ceramic Lamp Holder and Bracket
  • Arcadia Solar Basking Infrared /Spot Bulb  75 Watt
  • Arcadia Pro T5 UVB Kit, 7% UVB ShadeDweller, 8W

Temperature Control

  • HabiStat Digital Dimming Thermostat Day/Night Timer, 600 Watt is suitable for most heaters

Thermometer Digital

  • WhitePython  Digital Max / Min ThermometerModern Digital Thermometer with maximum and minimum temperature reading capability through external sensor. Features attaching clip and suction cup and comes complete with batteries. Measurement range -50C - +70C Temperature accuracy +/- 2C
  • Exo Terra Analogue Thermometer