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Monkfield Hatchling Snake Rack

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Available in two options. With or without a glass door.

Perfect for any budding reptile breeder, the Monkfield Snake Rack is ready to use instantly! The Monkfield 12 Tub Hatchling Snake Rack has been specifically designed to help you to look after your hatchling snakes.

- 12 pre-drilled large hatchling tubs
- 1 x heat cable, that runs along the back of each layer of the Snake Rack
- 1 x pulse thermostat to control the heat cable

Monkfield Snake Racks are designed for stacking one on top of the other and are available with or without a lockable door.

Delivered pre-assembled in an Oak finish. 

L62 x D33 x H52cm (24.5 x 13 x 20.5").

All measurements are length x depth x height. All our snake racks have been tried and tested for practicality and durability.