Standard Banded Brown Crickets (15-18mm) - Croydon Reptiles

Standard Banded Brown Crickets (15-18mm)

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Smaller than other species of cricket, Banded Brown Crickets are excellent climbers and make a great meal or treat for most reptiles or amphibians.

Please note - All sizes and quantities are an estimate and we do our very best to size and count each order to meet your needs.

Banded brown crickets are available in a variety of sizes to cater for reptiles of different weights and stages of development.

Banded Brown Cricket Size Chart (Estimated)

Size (Stated)

Sizes (MM) – Approximate



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Second (2nd)


Third (3rd)


Fourth (4th)






General Care:

As with all live food, it is essential they are kept healthy. Packed in bran, ensure the crickets are kept at a regular temperature of approximately 60-65F (15-18C) and away from bright light.

To encourage the maximum shelf-life, empty into a smooth-sided container with a vented lid. Add a slice of potato to provide moisture. Proper supplementation should be given prior to feeding to your reptile.

Due to the nature of livefood, especially during certain weather conditions accidents can happen. We strive to ensure our high standards are met on each order, however, should you have any issues with your order once it arrives, please do not hesitate to contact us as and we can advise accordingly addressing any issues.